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Here is a link to my book Climate Change, Climate Science and Economics (Springer 2013), where you can get a downloadable copy (free if your library subscribes). As a result I have been blacklisted as one of 386 contrarians. Also see here and V. Klaus 2019 talk, excellent overview of climate change, Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever debunks global warming and Freeman Dyson on CO2, while Stephen Pinker argues for rational debate about climate change and the role of universities. Recent February, 2021 Hayek Lecture by Bjorn Lomborg. Excellent lecture by Will Happer (Introduction in Dutch but talk is in English with Dutch translation in under titles).

Controversy re extreme weather events: IPCC does not attribute them to climate change (also)
Physics Nobel Laureates  criticize climate alarmism (also). Lord Frost lecture questioning Net Zero. 

Here is a scam that was reported as an increase in heat related deaths due to climate change but turned out to be an increase in cold-related deaths in the region reported in The Economist but a reduction in cold-related deaths in other areas. See here.
Why calling someone a climate denier shows their ignorance of climate change.

Jordan Peterson interview of Judith Curry (Jan 2023).

Two talks by Steven Koonin on climate and energy. Control of thinking via Nudge.  AND an excellent talk by Donna Laframboise on restrictions on free speech related to climate change. And McKitrick’s ‘Big problems with temperature and proxy data’ video.

Are methane and other GHG emissions a problem? See here .

Why a doubling of CO2 will NOT result in a climate crisis! Were recent floods (Nov 2021) a result of climate change??
Climate change policy and the destruction of Canada’s confederation?

See Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL) for a view on climate. Shellenberger confession removed by Forbes under pressure from climate activists but found here. Best Schools’ interview with William Happer. Global warming , power and the China factor. Van Wijngaarden video to Irish Climate Conference.

Teenager Naomi Seibert threatened with jail for her climate change views? Pension funds focused on sustainability may be unable to meet obligations. Consequences of climate irreproducibility. What are Critical Theory and Cancel Culture, and why they are destroying the West? Problem with the New York Times! Are forest fires increasing and is this due to climate change (see here and here)? AND California eco-tyranny! How NOAA changed a cooling trend to a warming trend! Religion of Green.

Best climate blogs by Judith Curry, Roy Spencer and Anthony Watts, and great videos by Will Happer (here) and Willie Soon (here) and a video defending Willie Soon.
A list of readings academic & other pertaining to climate change. AND Climategate after 10 years. Petition signed by more than 30,000 scientists (incl discussion of CO2 fertilization).
Visualizing the Urban Heat Island effect from space.

Falsifying Data: Most recent data falsification by NOAA and NASA (video). 
Falsifying historical data — in Canada!! And droughts and extreme rainfall events are NOT increasing. The hot year of 1878 with no winter in the Northern U.S.

Climate policies not climate change threatens future (here, here). Cause of California wildfires
Homogenization of weather data & UHI effect
Talk by Nic Lewis on climate modeling and why predictions exceed reality (2019)
A Nobel Prize physicist comments on global warming here while another physicist demonstrates that the sun plays a bigger role than humans (also Nir Shaviv’s latest).  The hockey stick. Also defense of Willie Soon by Jeff Foss, philosopher extraordinaire. 
Canadian government scrapped/changed 100 years of weather data.

How are we doing in the fight against climate change? Latest report … 
Here are some failed climate predictions–these are embarrassing.
Here are data from a weather station in Germany that has not moved in more than 138 years
Excellent paper arguing that ice cores cannot be used to create historic temperatures.
History of IPCC Scientists and the ‘Trick
Near-surface temperature data for various countries from Berkeley Earth here
Climate Change activism has characteristics of a cult.
Are species going extinct at an increasing rate? Not according to the data. Are a million species about to disappear?? BUT renewable energy is killing birds and bats 

Earthquakes during 20th Century (animation)and 50 years of failed predictions 

The truth about bee colony collapse, scientific advocacy, and the ban on neonicotinoids. Neonics were replaced with less effective, more dangerous pesticides and the issue likely contributed to  a pro-Brexit vote. This is similar to the ban on DDT — a disastrous ban attributable to Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, and which cost hundreds of millions of unnecessary deaths.  

Interesting article entitled ‘The Real War on Science‘. It is a defense of conservatism.
Dilbert vs the scientists: How to identify a denier?
Interesting video: Believing in Six Impossible Things before Breakfast, & Climate Models
American Thinker piece linking climate change promotion to Marxist agenda

A Sociologist’s View of Climate Catastrophism: “Belief in climate catastrophism is a social phenomenon, and requires an explanation in terms of the social sciences. … But while a psychological analysis may explain why certain people choose to be environmentalists, it can never explain how environmentalism – and in particular its most acute form, climate catastrophism – came to conquer the world; how, in other words, belief in climate catastrophism managed to attain a critical mass that permitted it to impose itself as a consensus belief, or ideology. Only a sociological explanation can do that. And a sociological explanation must account for a unique event – the rise of climate catastrophism – in terms of unique, or at least rarely repeated, social phenomena.” Read more

People keep sending me information concerning various aspects about climate change, much of it against the current sentiment that Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is an immediate threat to our survival as a species. In this regard, Ross McKitrick is a climate economist well worth reading; Roy Spencer is a climate scientist who compiles the satellite temperature data; Steve McIntyre is a thorn in the side of the climate community, especially Michael Mann and his hockey stick; and the well-respected climate scientist Judith Curry of Georgia Tech provides ongoing comments on the AGW.

PARIS folly: The impossibility of meeting CO2 targets without destroying economies (see energy).

I recently reviewed a book for possible publication by UBC Press entitled Hubris: The Troubled Science, Economics and Politics of Climate Change by Michael Hart. Despite my recommendation, UBC Press declined to publish it (probably because it is an anti-establishment book), so Michael published it on his own. It is well worth reading (e.g., here), and can be found at Amazon. It is an excellent complement to my book, Climate Change, Climate Science and Economics (see top of this page). An excellent review of Hart’s book is by Michael Kelly, Emeritus Prince Philip Professor of Technology, University of Cambridge.

Nordhaus’ response to the Catholic Pope (here)

Nature has a section with plenty of articles regarding the need for reproducible results (here) and whether science has become increasingly politicized to its detriment (here). The statistician William M. Briggs often comments on errors people make in predicting temperatures (see here). As a result, I am not only skeptical that humans are the primary agent driving global warming, but I put little faith in much of what I read in the so-called peer-reviewed literature.

DROUGHT: Is drought increasing? Well … An article indicating a decline in droughts in the U.S. (here). See also information on drought found at a CO2 think tank.

Want to know about Polar Bears? See Polar Bear Science for the BEST information. A 2017 film exposing the lack of knowledge about the global warming icon is worth watching.

Ross McKitrick has also made available an environmental website with historical climate and environmental data. And continued reliance on coal by India (here) and China (here) will offset any attempt by the U.S. and other countries to curtail global coal consumption.

Why climate science will cause the death of science! (here)
What happens when funding to climate scientists is cut? See here

Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science
Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological Impacts
Tenth International Climate Conference (Washington DC)