Website of G. Cornelis van Kooten, Professor of Economics (2002-2024) and former Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies & Climate (2002-2023), Department of Economics, University of Victoria, Canada. Currently, Professor Emeritus, University of Victoria, Adjunct Professor of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Saskatchewan, and Scholar in Residence, Trinity Western University, Canada. I am responsible for the Resource Economics and Policy Analysis (REPA) Research Group that applies economic analysis to issues in agriculture, forestry, energy and natural resources more broadly. 

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Here are some valuable videos that are well worth watching if you wish to get a solid overview of the issues surrounding the climate debate:

Climate: The Movie
Politics of climate change (Judith Curry)
Global Warning (The News Forum): Focus on Energy Transition and Canada

Origins of wildfire (recent Canadian fires). Excellent explanation of Artificial Intelligence (chatGPT)
Bridge City News: Interview about EVs and electricity requirements, March 28,2024

Latest articles (open access):
Chaps 14 & 15 in Climate and Energy Policy (Regnery, 2024) discussed in this podcast.
Carbon offsets and Agriculture (CJAE)
Accounting for post‐harvest carbon storehouses (CJAE).
Calibrating an Electricity Grid Model (Energies)
Mystery of Lumber Price Movements: Covid-19 and Atmospheric Rivers

My Books

My book on Climate Change (Springer 2013).
My book with Erwin Bulte, The Economics of Nature, is free to download (I own copyright).