Website of G. Cornelis van Kooten, Professor of Economics and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies and Climate in the Department of Economics, University of Victoria, Canada. I am responsible for the Resource Economics and Policy Analysis (REPA) Research Group that consists of graduate students and affiliated researchers who are interested in applying economic analysis to issues in agriculture, forestry, energy and natural resources more broadly. 

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REPA working papers (listing & ranking)
My book on Climate Change (Springer 2013) – (free if your library subscribes)

Interesting article: How Power has Poisoned Academia (here)
Wokeness and private companies: Companies need to focus on profits, not social agendas. Very interesting and pertinent comments about finance and climate change by Stuart Kirk, a financial expert at HSBC bank.
Polar Bears: A recent article about polar bear decline was picked up by international media outlets but it turns out to be a publicity stunt more than anything else.

Latest articles (open access):
Calibrating an Electricity Grid Model.
Mystery of Lumber Price Movements: Covid-19 and Atmospheric Rivers.


Rather than blogging, I sometimes post commentaries on a variety of topics. Just click here

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