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The Problem with Today’s Universities (and here) and the scandal of climate change promotion — a global socialist agenda. It also appears that the TED talk organization is not keen on anyone criticizing the ‘fact’ of global warming! AND then there is the Brazilian fire scare of 2019 — a reality check. An important source of data regarding deaths from disasters and whether climate change is already causing harm can be found at ‘Our World in Data‘.  

Canada’s utter failure to help Europe’s energy security while failing to collect huge rents that could help alleviate the health care crisis (a sober analysis by a former finance minister) and its rapidity towards becoming an autocratic, undemocratic state.
Interesting article: How Power has Poisoned Academia (here) and scientific fraud
Wokeness and private companies: Companies need to focus on profits, not social agendas
Comments by Dutch legal philosopher on culture and Dutch Nitrogen Policy and farmers.
How the West was lost.

Preparation for the 2022 All Japan Judo Championships (h/t to my friends Mickey Fitzgerald and Kojiro Tanaka)

The travesty of the Canada Research Chairs: Could the CRC inadvertently be inciting racism?

Canadian Agricultural Economics Society

Fraser Institute

Peer-Review: Is it worthwhile?