Math Programming



Free R books, incl. “Modeling & Solving LP with R”


IcebreakR & other R stuff from Andrew Robinson:

Tom Short’s R reference card:

R Code required to call and run GAMS within R (path command will vary by computer):
cmd = paste(“C:\\GAMS\\win64\\24.1\\gams.exe”, “FileName.gms”, “lo=2”)

NOTE: “lo=2′ sends the screen output to a file; you could also try “lo=3” or omit option.

Online GAMS training toolbox available on AGRODEP website:
OR YouTube channel:

Link here for a tutorial on using GAMS  (UVic user name and password required)

Algorithm that runs the world (pdf) (UVic user name and password required)
Article on Bayes Theorem in Scientific American

Mixed complementarity programming references with links:

Deaton, A. (1991). Saving and liquidity constraints. Econometrica, 59(5), 1221-1248.

Rutherford, T. F. (1995). Extension of GAMS for complementarity problems arising in applied economic analysis. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 19(8), 1299-1324.

Ferris, M. C. and Pang, J. S. (1997). Engineering and economic applications of complementarity problems. Siam Review, 39(4), 669-713.