Ivory Poaching Gangs

Much of my research has focused on wildlife economics. More recently, I and some graduate students with the REPA Group have looked at the protection of wetlands and upland habitat for migratory waterfowl on Canada’s Great Plains.

In the past, I and my colleague Erwin H. Bulte examined various aspects of the ivory trade. Much of this is documented in our book The Economics of Nature (Blackwell, 2000), although I have published several papers on the topic since then. This is why I am disturbed by a recent article I came across indicating that, because ivory prices have risen, poaching by sophisticated, well-armed and rather large (upwards of 30) gangs of have been active, and these are no match for the park rangers who protect the elephants. The pictures are disturbing and the mismatch between rangers and poachers is evident.

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