Resource Econ

A course outline is found here.

Homework #1 (pdf
Homework #2 (pdf)
Homework #3 (pdf)
Homework #4 (pdf)
Homework #5 (pdf)
Homework #6 (pdf)

Lectures #1 (pdf) : Introduction
Lectures #2 (pdf) : Introduction to GAMS
Lectures #3 (pdf) : Stochastic dynamic programming
Lectures #4 (pdf) : Fundamental Equation of Resource Economics
Lectures #5 (pdf) : Resource rents and forest governance
Lectures #6 (pdf) : Forest economics: Rotation ages, management and trade modeling
Lectures #7 (pdf) : Carbon credits and governance
Lectures #8 (pdf) : Climate change economics
Lectures #9 (pdf) : Economics of electricity grids, renewable energy and carbon offsets

Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSP) Information 

Students can find training material for R and information on GAMS on the ‘Math Programming’ tab related to this page, and examples of some GAMS models on the ‘Trade Models’ tab on the main site.

Integrated assessment models (here and here) and climate models (here).

Students are encouraged to consider the following videos as background material:

Discrete dynamic optimization (video) [This is perhaps the most important]
Continuous dynamic optimization (video) [Not required, but may be useful]
Recursive dynamic programming explained (video) [Uses an example to explain DP]
Simple explanation of phase plane diagrams (video) [Not required, but my be helpful]