Website of G. Cornelis van Kooten, Professor of Economics and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies and Climate in the Department of Economics, University of Victoria, Canada. I am responsible for the Resource Economics and Policy Analysis (REPA) Research Group that consists of graduate students and affiliated researchers who are interested in applying economic analysis to issues in agriculture, forestry, energy and natural resources more broadly.

Know much about climate change? Take the simple test here. See Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL) for a view on climate. Shellenberger confession removed by Forbes under pressure from climate activists but found here. Best Schools’ interview with William Happer. Global warming , power and the China factor. Teenager Naomi Seibert threatened with jail for her climate change views? Pension funds focused on sustainability may be unable to meet obligations. Consequences of climate irreproducibility. What are Critical Theory and Cancel Culture, and why they are destroying the West (also Bruce Pardy on cultural apocalypse)? Problem with the New York Times! Are forest fires increasing and is this due to climate change (see here and here)? AND California eco-tyranny!

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My book on Climate Change (Springer 2013) – (free if your library subscribes)
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Link to my talk on energy in London, May 24, 2018. Also problem of renewables


Rather than blogging, I post commentaries on a variety of topics. Just click here

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